VSTAR Portfolio 3.24.0 Release Notes

Released: May 21, 2017

1. Enhancement: “Apps” list in the top navigation bar consistent across apps. The top navigation bar containing the list of VSTAR apps is now consistent across VSTAR applications regardless of user role. Applications available only to faculty and staff are separated from other apps.

The link to “Learn” was updated with the new VSTAR Learn URL: http://vstar-learn.app.vanderbilt.edu/.

This feature is found in the top navigation bar of VSTAR applications under “Apps.”

2. Enhancement: Portfolio roles now have expiration date. Admin, Monitor, and Portfolio Coach roles assigned to VSTAR Portfolio users can have a expiration date by authorized Super Users. This will

This feature is the “Members” section of VSTAR Portfolio.

Note: in the policy around how this will be used will be communicated to the VSTAR User Group.

3. Bug Fix: Discrepancy between Course Scores in Portfolio and Learn. Users reported a difference between the hidden grades set in VSTAR Learn and those same scores appearing in VSTAR Portfolio. This has been addressed.

This feature is available on the Student Dashboard under “Courses.”

4. Bug Fix: Start New Blank Form button appears for all users. Activities that had multiple responses displayed the “Start New Black Form” button regardless if the user was permitted to submit a new form or not. This has been addressed.

5. Bug Fix: “Download Competency Report” button disappears. The “Download Competency Report” button did not appear on a student’s dashboard if the initial date range did not have data. This has been addressed and is now displayed when a date range with data is selected.

6. Bug Fix: Anonymous setting for Peer Assessment Activities is not set on by default. Activity Admins creating new Peer Assessment Activities reported that the anonymous setting was turned OFF default. This has been corrected.

7. Bug Fix: Anonymous setting for Activities is not being honored during cloning process. Activity Admins reported that the anonymous activity setting was not being honored when they cloned activities. This had been corrected.

8. Bug Fix: Date Picker tool not functioning. Activity Admins reported that the date picker tool used when creating or editing an Activity stopped working. This has been corrected.

9. Bug Fix: Last Login Time not updating correctly. Users reported that the “last login time” was sometimes different from the last time a student submitted an assessment. This is caused by the path a student used to get to VSTAR Portfolio: the times matched when logging in directly from Portfolio, but would be different if the student entered Portfolio from somewhere else. This has been addressed for logins to VSTAR Home and VSTAR Portfolio. A new card was created to address entering Portfolio from Learn.